December 13, 2019

rails/rails PR#37958 - Fixes typo in autoloading_and_reloading_constants guide

The javascript directory under app/ is in a singular form (app/javascript) but the documentation was mentionning it in the plural form (app/javascripts).

November 19, 2019

rails/rails PR#37753 - Add params.member? to mimic Hash behavior

StrongParameters delegates key? method for params to behave kind of like a Hash.
I suggest we delegate member? as well.

May 28, 2019

rails/rails PR#36324 - Fix unexpected select_tag delete behavior when include_blank is present

Fixes select_tag so that is doesn't change options when include_blank is present.

Fixes #36295

May 18, 2019

rails/rails PR#36282 - List available skip options in command line guide

Issues such as #36280 and #35484 are due IMHO to a lack of documentation regarding the skip options available when running rails new command. I suggest we add a list of options to the documentation.

April 21, 2019

rails/rails PR#36051 - Allow ActiveStorage to generate variants of BMP images

Allow ActiveStorage to generate variants of BMP images.

Fixes #35953

April 17, 2019

rails/rails PR#36010 - Mention more ActiveStorage hooks in Active Support Instrumentation guide

This PR adds the following three hooks that were missing in Active Support Instrumentation guide:

  • service_download_chunk.active_storage
  • service_update_metadata.active_storage
  • preview.active_storage

April 15, 2019

rails/rails PR#35906 - Notes tags registration

This PR adds to SourceAnnotationExtractor::Annotation a new method register_tags following the example of register_directories. It does not change the behavior of rake notes and allows tags registration through configuration.